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BIODY COACH ZM Professional Impedance Meter:

BIODY COACH ZM Professional Impedance Meter:

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The BIODY COACH ZM Pro Impedance Meter is a revolutionary tool used to measure body composition. It utilizes Multi Frequency Bioimpedance Technology to accurately measure body fat, muscle mass, water, intracellular/extracellular water, and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). This professional tool is ideal for anyone looking to monitor and track body composition changes.

✅  Features include:

Quadrupole Foot/Hand Measurement
Compliance with the essential requirements specified in Directive.
- Bluetooth™ connection
- Measurement on 5 frequencies of 5 / 20 / 50 / 100 / 200 kHz
- Phase measurement at 50 kHz - BIODY MANAGER web software with unlimited access
- Windows, MAC Os, Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad)
- 2 years warranty
- 4 Hours online training included (the use and interpretation of indicators)
Carrying case

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