Professional Impedance Meters – Portable & Connected


Bioimpedance measurement (BIA) has been used to determine body composition since the 1970s.

Impedance measurement measures the opposition of an organism's tissues to a low-intensity alternating electric current that is completely painless. This measurement is most commonly used to assess a patient's body composition, including muscle mass, hydration, fat mass, bone mineral content, etc.

The value of the impedances collected by the measuring device makes it possible, thanks to algorithms, to determine the body compartments through which the current passes. The fat mass acts as an insulator and will not be penetrated by it. However, it can be deduced by subtracting all the tissues through it from the total weight.
The professional impedance meter is a device with high measurement accuracy, comparable to reference medical imaging tools.


Our state-of-the-art professional eBIODY impedance meters provide accurate results on body composition by taking into account the specificities of each individual, such as gender, height and age. eBIODY impedance meters feature patented hands/foot, multi-frequencymulti-algorithm direct measurement technology.

The professional impedance meter is ideal for monitoring during a diet or a sports activity, but can also be used to diagnose overhydration/dehydration, sarcopeniamalnutrition or to monitor certain more or less serious pathologies (diabetes, heart failure, kidney failure, cancer, etc.)

The BiodyManager interpretation software allows you to manage your patients, to visualize the results compared to reference standards (health standards) and then to provide the evolution of the different compartments through histories. The end user (patient, client) can find their results and follow-up on a printable PDF report or on an application.

Prevention (health risks, etc.)

Diagnostic assistance

Tracking changes in body composition


Our connected devices meet the ever-growing need to maintain good health and well-being on a daily basis. Fat mass percentage varies with age and gender, but the average ranges indicating a correct body fat percentage are: 10% to 25% for men, and 20% to 30% for women. As a result, bioimpedance measurement is beneficial in the nutritionsportswellness, and medical sectors. Our impedance meters are used:

• In the context of sports training, to target changes in the ratio of muscle and fat mass, in order to adapt physical preparation programs.
• In the field of dietetics, a dietician using an impedance meter will be able to evaluate the ideal diet to accompany her patient.
• In the medical field, the professional impedance meter allows the detection of various pathologies, such as undernutrition, dehydration, sarcopenia, obesity, osteoporosis, etc.

As many health professionals find in Bio impedance measurement a tool for controlling body mass, taking into account the characteristics of each individual, in order to best adapt the program of each individual. Thanks to their ease of use and mobility, our BIODY COACH and BIODY XPERT ZM II devices allow healthcare professionals to better support their clients/patients towards a personalized healthy lifestyle.

The weight is an interesting value, but does not tell us the essential.

It is the distribution of the body’s compartments that makes it possible to assess a person’s good balance.

With BIODY COACH ZM, offer your clients an accurate and detailed body composition analysis in just 10 seconds.

Grâce à de nombreux historiques, l’analyse sera source de motivation pour votre clientèle et vous pourrez ainsi justifier de la pertinence de vos différents programmes d’entraînement.


A patented device, highly innovative and disruptive compared to existing solutions, is now recognised as the benchmark for health, nutrition and sports professionals.